Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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Acceler8® Reaction Pellets
All ACS and ASP catalog numbers
AEB Buffer
ACC 00250
AEB2 Buffer
ACC 00255
AG1 Lysis Buffer
ACC 00760
Alkaline Phosphatase Enzyme Conjugate
All ECA Catalog Numbers
Ames buffer, liquid 1X
ACC 00910
AMP1 Extraction Buffer
ACC 00117
AmplifyRP® Acceler8® Discovery Kit
ACS 98800
AmplifyRP® Amplicon Detection Chamber
ADC 98800
Antibody for Immunoblot Assays
Antibody from all PBK catalog numbers
APLPV EC buffer, powder
ACC 00320
ARP Running Buffer
ACC 00570
BCIP Substrate Liquid, 1X
ACC 00425
BEB1 Extraction Buffer, 1X
ACC 00780
BEB1 Extraction Buffer, Powder
ACC 00066
Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)
ACC 00300
BRA Products
All BRA catalog numbers
Btk PathoScreen® Kit
05100, 05103, 05104
Carbonate Coating Buffer, 10X concentrate
ACC 00413
Chicken Egg Albumin, powder
ACC 00310
Coated Plates
All PLT and SLD catalog numbers (solid plate or strips)
Coating antibody, concentrate
All CAB catalog numbers
DIPECTA, AG366 pectin
ACC 00710
ECI Buffer, 5X concentrate
ACC 00523
ECI Buffer, powder
ACC 00120
GEB, General extract buffer, powder
 ACC 00955
GEB, Sample extract pouch
ACC 00935
GEB2, General extract buffer 2, powder
 ACC 00130
GEB3, General extract buffer 3, powder
 ACC 00360
GEB4, General extract buffer 4, powder
ACC 00380
GEB4, Sample extract pouch
ACC 01380
Immunofluroescence Assays
All IFA catalog numbers
Indirect sample extraction buffer, 10X concentrate
 ACC 00985
Indirect Sample Extraction Buffer, powder
ACC 00980
Magnesium Acetate, 280 mM
ACC 00240
Method Control
MPC 04400
MRS component, 5X concentrate
 ACC 00522
MRS-2 component, 5X concentrate
 ACC 00524
Negative Controls
All LNC catalog numbers
Nonfat Dried Milk, bovine
ACC 00420
PathoScreen® Kits - Alkaline Phosphatase
All PSA and PSM catalog numbers
PathoScreen® Kits - Peroxidase
All PSP catalog numbers
PBS Buffer, 20X concentrate
PDN 00033
PBS buffer, powder
ACC 00042
PBST buffer, powder
ACC 00115
PCR Primers
All PCR Catalog Numbers
PD1 Pellet Diluent
ACC 00480
PEB1, Extraction buffer, 10X concentrate
 ACC 00890
PEB1, Sample extract pouch
 ACC 00140
Peroxidase Enzyme Conjugate
All ECP catalog numbers
Phytodetek® monoclonal antibody, lyophilized
All PDM catalog numbers
Phytodetek® tracer, liquid
All PDA catalog numbers
PNP Substrate Buffer, 5X concentrate
ACC 00407
PNP Substrate Tablets (5 mg)
ACC 00404
Polyvinylpyrrolidone, (PVP-40T, 40KMW, powder)
 ACC 00600
Positive Controls and Standards
All LPC and LST catalog numbers
Postcoat 10 buffer, powder
 ACC 00650
Postcoat 3 powder
ACC 00595
PSTVd Probe
DLP 08000
Rehydration Buffer
ACC 00119
RUB2, Enzyme Conjugate Diluent
PDN 00009
RUB3, Enzyme conjugate diluent
ACC 00350
RUB6, Enzyme Conjugate Diluent
ACC 00470
SEB1 Buffer, Powder
ACC 00996
SEB1, Sample extract pouch
 ACC 00936
SEB13, Extraction buffer, powder
ACC 00993
SEB4, Extraction buffer, powder
 ACC 01958
SEB4, Sample extract pouch
 ACC 00958
SEB6, Extraction buffer, powder
 ACC 00870
SEB7, Extraction buffer, 10X concentrate
ACC 00505
SEB9, Sample extract pouch
ACC 00270
SRA Products
All SRA catalog numbers
SRP Products
All SRP catalog numbers
Stick Controls and Standards
All SPC and STD catalog numbers
Substrate Diluent (for Phytodetek® kits)
PDN 00021, included in all PDK Phytodetek® kits
Sulfuric acid (0.5M), stop solution
ACC 00118
Supernatant for BBI
 CCS 12600
Synthetic Positive Controls
All CPC catalog numbers
TBS buffer, 20X concentrate
ACC 00580
TMB Peroxidase Substrate Solution
ACC 00412
ACC 00528
XRT or XRT+ Reaction Pellets and Discovery Kits
All XCS and XSP catalog numbers
ImmunoStrip® products
All STX and ISK catalog numbers
PBST Buffer, 20X concentrate
ACC 00501
AmplifyRP® Positive Controls
All XPC Catalog Numbers
Buffer Pack
ACC 00111
Buffer Pack
ACC 00112
Buffer Pack
ACC 00113
Buffer Pack
ACC 00333
Buffer Pack
ACC 00444
Buffer Pack
ACC 00555
Buffer Pack
ACC 00222
Phytodetek® Test Kit
all PDK catalog numbers